Sunday, April 8, 2012


After quite an extensive hiatus, I have returned to proudly announce that I have officially completed my masters thesis and published it as an eBook, The Secret Lives of Mosses, A Comprehensive Guide for Gardens.

For EPUB and PDF formats, download here
For kindle, download here

Here is a description:

This book offers a complete and comprehensive understanding of how mosses function biologically and ecologically and how that translates to the effective establishment and management of a successful and appealing garden. Here you will learn basic science, culture methods and identification techniques of mosses. Readers in the public garden field will learn related curation practices and modes of public interpretation. Above all, this book will enlighten people to the captivating and charming world of mosses.

There are tons of beautiful pictures illustrating the vast array of shapes, sizes, colors and textures of mosses. See for yourself :)

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